The ZugSPORTS club is an association for the promotion of exercise and joie-de-vivre for people aged from 2 to 100 in the region of Zug.



Sustainably contribute to a better quality of life in the area of Zug.


Initiate, support and spur on sports events, associations, clubs, projects from Zug.


We believe that physical and mental health is very VALUABLE and should be promoted outside of peak athletics and schools.


Zug Lake Festival (27. & 28.6.2020 cancelled | 26. & 27.6.2021)

At its meeting on 6 April 2020, Zug City Council decided to cancel the SEEfest. As no suitable postponement data were available, there was no other solution. We very much regret this decision, but we support it. The Zug SEEfest is THE meeting place for Zug residents aged 2-100 years, no matter where they come from. In times of Corona this is not the right starting point. In the last 8 months we have put together an even more sustainable, personal and loving programme and we will be able to take over much of it for 2021. We thank the city of Zug and our sponsors and partners for their support during these times.


ZugSPORTS Festival (3. - 4.10.2020)

Over 50 sports to try out, bars, lounges and shows. There's something for all the family. It’s said that it’s the most beautiful sports festival in Switzerland. We make every effort in any case to ensure it’s the most varied.


LAKERIDE (1.9.2020)

There are people who are not as lucky as we are when it comes to sport and exercise. This is why we became a partner of the LAKERIDE project. Boat owners take people with physical, psychological and mental impairments on a trip on the lake. There and at the BBQ, we are reminded of what life is really all about. The only event in Zug at which all work for free and every Franc is donated to a worthy cause.


WaldParcours OberwilZug (Opening 2.5.2020)

After almost 2 year preparation we have now submit the Baubewilliung. Together with the Korporation of Zug, initiated by the NOG and developed together with the CSR Team of the Mobiliar Insurance a unique Experience will be built over Wintertime. There are two ways to use it: Speed up - take the start on the right and push your pulse…. Slow down… take the start on the left and get inspired… a truly unique project that fits perfectly our Motto: let’s move. together. The WaldParcours will be opened at the beginning of May, an official opening event will follow at a later date.


Aegeri on Ice (20.11.2020 bis 03.01.2021)

An illuminated birch forest on Lake Aegeri, and an ice rink right next to it, which you can use for free. A chalet and a fondue stand. And about 30,000 delighted visitors within a period of six weeks. Everyone here still has to prepare their own fondue, perfectly in keeping with the “Let's move together!” spirit.



ZugSPORTS is very keen on sustainable events and projects, which has, not least of all, resulted in the ZugSPORTS Festival being awarded several times by Swiss Olympics, for example. In ALL projects we are involved in, we place great value on excellent work in the following areas:

Waste & littering
Not only waste management, but providing information for visitors

Traffic & transport
Public transport friendly events and smart logistics

Energy & infrastructure
For example, energy from solar or hydroelectric power

Involvement of regional partners

Nature & landscape
Inclusion of nature in the projects

Noise & emissions
Commitment to residents

Ethics & social responsibility
Equality, cool & clean


A partnership with ZugSPORTS goes far beyond a sponsorship. It’s not about money vs. presence or rights; it’s about people in the region exercising together, contributing to a better quality of life and leaving lasting impressions and emotions. Partners of ZugSPORTS are specifically involved in the various projects of ZugSPORTS, or with ZugSPORTS develop something that gets people moving.
With Johnson&Johnson as a partner, we not only have access to comprehensive know-how on health. JnJ is a partner of the Lakeride Event and together, they created the unique ZugSPORTS booklet to inspire people exercise more and create joie-de-vivre.
Thanks to Glencore, we can keep our events free of charge. None of the ZugSPORTS charges an entrance fee. Glencore is investing in our promotion of exercise and joie-de-vivre, and in particular it supports our major projects, the ZugSPORTS Festival, as well as Ägeri On Ice and development work on the ZugSPORTS app.
passion, excellence and resonsability. Those values stand in the centre of our partner Zugerberg Finanz AG. Within ZugSPORTS we follow the same values. Due to this partnership we can continue to grow and gives us the opportunity to take the sustainable deicisions! Wow! The Zugerberg Finanz AG is Partner of all 3 major Festivals as well as of our magazine the5.